Healthy recipes for kids and the whole family

Would you like to see your kids eating healthier and excited about it? Our healthy recipes for kids and the whole family are just the beginning. We also give loads of great ideas to get kids excited about cooking and eating healthy.

We'll share tons of free kid-friendly recipes and healthy snacks, as well as recipes your children can make themselves and fun cooking tasks to get kids involved in the kitchen.

What makes this site different from other recipe sites? Simple!

The kids get to vote!

After every recipe you try, help your kids to send us their votes on how they liked the recipe. It's free and it's fun and there are no strings attached (we don't share your personal information.) Every night, your kids simply log in to our Kids Canteen Club, find the recipe they just tried, and rank it from 0 – 5. They can also add comments, ideas, and photos of themselves and the recipes.

It's very simple to vote and you won't believe how much fun dinner becomes when the kids have taste-testing to look forward to! They might even start trying foods they wouldn't have touched before!

We believe that the best way to get kids to eat healthy is by getting them involved in the cooking process. This doesn't mean they need to learn how to make dinner themselves. While we include some healthy recipes for kids to make from start to finish, we also encourage kids to get involved in any or all aspects of the family meals, from choosing recipes, shopping or even growing some of the ingredients, preparing, and then, best of all, taste-testing and rating each recipe.

Getting kids to help out in the kitchen pays off in so many ways:

  1. After the initial learning curve, they'll actually be a help.
  2. They'll practice mathematics without even knowing it!
  3. You'll have quality time together instead of "Not now… I'm making dinner."
  4. Kids are more likely to try a dish if they've helped in its preparation or even just in the decision-making. That's where our Kids Canteen Club comes in!
  5. They'll learn healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime!
Our focus is on healthy recipes for kids and the whole family and ways to incorporate healthy ingredients into your kids' favorite dishes. Of course, this doesn't mean we're not going to share our kids' favorite "Octopus Hotdogs" or my family's famous Carrot Cake recipe that's been handed down and perfected for generations. We've gotta have cake sometimes too! We'll even share some terrific kids birthday cake designs.

So look around, print out some recipes, and get started.

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