Flash fried green beans with 'shrooms and almond slivers

by Kai
(San Francisco)

Enough green beans to feed everyone, trimmed and washed and dried

Sliced mushrooms, any kind you like, brushed off and sliced
Slivered almonds (toast these alightly)
Garlic olive oil (or olive oil and throw in a bunch of garlic)

Cut up the beans into 1"-2" pieces.
In a wok or big fry pan, put in oil and garlic and heat until the garlic starts to small delicious. Toss in mushrooms and fry these until they get brown and just a wee bit "crispy" around the edges (high heat but watch it carefully), stirring constantly. When they are done, take them out with a slotted spoon or slotted spatula so as much of the oil-juice remains in the pan. Toss in beans and stir on high heat until the skin starts to blister and shrivel. Remove from heat, toss the beans, mushrooms and almonds together. You can add salt, black pepper, hot pepper to taste if you like. The beans should still be crunchy inside, mushrooms a little chewy.

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