Getting Kids to Eat Healthy

Getting kids to eat healthy at a young age can set them up for a lifetime of healthy habits. It can be quite a struggle to build healthy eating kids in today's world of processed, convenience foods and busy schedules. Life can get so hectic that it's often hard to remember WHY we're fighting the healthy eating battle.

It's important to remember the life-long gifts you're giving your children when you continue to strive for healthy eating habits:

Childhood obesity is growing (due to more junk food and less exercise) and is expected to continue growing world-wide. Some researchers have estimated that nearly half of all children in North and South America will be obese by 2010! And the percentages are growing in Europe and elsewhere also.

The biggest reason YOU should care about this is that obese children tend to become obese adults, and obesity in adults causes heart disease, stroke, and many other weight-related ailments. Worrying about this NOW, while your kids are still young, is the best way to set them up for life-long success with their health.

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

AND, even if your kids are FAR from obese right now, it's STILL something you need to worry about. After all, maybe they're SO active, running and playing outdoors all the time, but what happens when they start their first desk job? If you instill healthy eating habits and good choices in your kids NOW, they'll be able to weather the "Freshman 15" and later common causes for weight-gain (stress eating, sedentary lifestyles,...)

Now, we all know most of this already, don't we? If you didn't, you probably wouldn't have found this website.

We know WHY getting kids to eat healthy is important.
What we want to know is HOW!

Let's work together at this common goal!! Sharing recipes is great, but we can also share other tips and techniques for getting our kids to eat healthy. Read others' tips and then share your own. You can even comment on each others' tips and stories - for instance say "thank you" if you used the idea with success.

Share a tip you've always used, a story about getting your own kids to each healthy, or a technique you just learned about. Anything that you think might help another parent.

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Limit their snacking 
I do not allow my children to just grab anything out if the cabinet. The only exception is fruit. They can eat that at anytime. If they wanting more than …

I like to have the kids help in the garden. They like eating what they helped to grow! 
Start a veggie garden at home,and get the whole family involved!

its teaching and eating Not rated yet
i tell my 4yr old daughter how its made n how it will help her, i mean lets say, if she refuses to eat egg, i will tell her all about chicken n egg n chicks. …

Creativity Not rated yet
Being a stay at home, home-schooling mother of five, from ages 3-12 years, there are many tips I have over the years. Yes, we have our own garden and all …

by being a little bit sneaky. Not rated yet
When I make a baked mac and cheese dish I boil up a cauliflower, chop it up very small, and mix it into the noodle and cheese mixture. It makes the dish …

Focus on Eating a Rainbow of Colors Everyday Not rated yet
As a dietitian, I have moms ask me all the time, "How can I get my child to eat better?" My advice: Improve diet by addition rather than subtraction. …

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