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Finding kid friendly dinner recipes are almost as hard as finding the time to sit down and eat itself. The pace of life today has become hectic, as you well know, and sitting down to a family dinner is a treat. What you set on that table can make or break a meal. The EW, yuck, comments by a child can ruin the moment for all of the children and the adults. And in reality, kid friendly today means what are they willing to eat. Here's how to find kid friendly dinner recipes to ensure your dinners are a success.

Let Them Pick...

Get the children involved in planning the meals. If they have a say, you know they will pick kid friendly dinner recipes that they will eat. When the inevitable repeated menu happens, take their ideas and add a twist. They pick chicken nuggets three nights for one week – put a spin on it. Instead of buying pre-made breaded nuggets, use skinless, boneless breasts and cut it into pieces. Use a different marinade or dipping sauce and bake them. This way it remains kid friendly since it's a nugget, they picked it and it leaves out the extra fat of frying and breading.

Mix It Up...

With kids, there seems to be two extremes. Some need a soup or sauce over their food in order to eat it. Others will only touch plain food. So, depending upon the taste buds of your flock, use sauces or soups or not. chicken breasts, pasta noodles, steak, and some fish can all be cooked plain or with a topping of cream of mushroom soup, tomato sauce, chicken broth, cheese, olive oil, or Italian dressing. And if they love to mix, make it a casserole. Throw a vegetable in, a potato or a type of pasta. One dish meals make for an easy clean up too.

Keep It Simple...

For every kid that loves sauces and soups, there are as many children who won't touch a drop of it. Those kids can eat things plain as day and be just as happy. Any type of pasta noodle can be eaten with just a dab of butter or, better yet, olive oil, and parmesan cheese. All meats can be cooked plain, just cover up with aluminum foil in the oven so they don't get overly dry.

Naked Vegetables...

Kids are the most basic creatures on earth. They don't require fancy seasonings, dressings or sauces to eat their vegetables. If they are fussy, it won't matter what is on the vegetables, they aren't going to want to eat them. Make it easier on yourself, and the kids really, and cook fresh, frozen or canned vegetables au natural. Maybe use a little pat of butter or olive oil and some salt, but leave the costumes in the cupboard. Eating "naked" vegetables saves time in preparation, saves money on wasted ingredients and the vegetables retain all of their nutritional value!

Plain Fruit is Good Too...

Just as naked vegetables can be used in meals, so can plain fruit. Fruit that is canned, frozen or fresh, straight to the bowl, is just as good or better for the kiddos. Lacing the fruit in sweetened creams or sauces can actually ruin their ability to eat them plain. Keep all of the vitamins and nutrients and eat them plain.

Searching For Gold...

When looking for kid friendly dinner recipes, it may require some PI work. If you have a child with an allergy, one who is picky or one who just won't eat, you will have the greatest challenge on your hands. Head to the library and check out some cookbooks before you invest any money at the bookstore. Some claim to have kid friendly dinner recipes, but once you open them up, the meals contain ingredients that even adults turn their nose up at. Print recipes out from this site and let the children look them over too. Makes notes of their comments, or take a photo of their smiling face next to the plate, to hold against them later on!

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