Patriotic Fruit Pizza

A patriotic fruit pizza will impress everyone Invited to a 4th of July picnic or party...with it's red, white, and blue American flag theme AND how delicious it is. The big problem will be getting people to wait a while before cutting into it!

Kids (and adults) LOVE fruit pizzas! Considering they're easy to make AND relatively healthy, they're really a win-win dessert.

It's the Fourth of July today so I'm thinking of patriotic desserts. There are few edible items (other than colored icings) that are bright blue and red other than berries, so desserts made of blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and other blue and red berries are ideal. AND they're easy to buy in the US in July!

Patriotic Fruit PizzaHere's a great photo of an American flag fruit pizza, from ´╗┐

To make an American Flag fruit pizza, simply follow our fruit pizza recipes on this page. Then, instead of spreading the dough out into a circle, spread it into a rectangle shape. Cover with the icing as usual and then lay the fruits out in an American flag design. Leave icing fruit-free for the white stripes and stars (let me know if you find a white fruit!) Place the blueberries jam-packed into the top-left corner of the flag pizza. Leave a few gaps for the white "stars". Lay the strawberries or red raspberries out in stripes on the rest of the pizza.

Here's a Tip: Since more people tend to love blueberries the best, place a bowl of blueberries (or mixed berries) with a spoon near your patriotic fruit pizza so guests can scoop a few extras onto their own pizza slice when they're ready to eat.

This American flag design can also be made on top of a cake (or a whole bunch of cupcakes).  We just happen to LOVE fruit pizza for their ease and deliciousness!

More Ideas for Decorating a Patriotic Fruit Pizza:

American Flag Fruit PizzaAmerican Flag Fruit Pizza from
Vegan Dessert PizzaVegan Dessert Pizza from

Have fun! And don't forget to share your photos and recipe variations here!

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